8 Google Maps tips to help you navigate the holidays

By neub9
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Get ready for the holiday season with these 8 ways Google Maps can help you plan festive outings and get around with ease. Plus, check out three new updates for Maps to make your holiday travels even more convenient! Don’t miss out on these tips to ensure you have a tree-mendous time.

1. Sleigh the bus, train, and subways with transit route recommendations. (New!)

Navigating public transit during the holidays can be a real hassle, whether you’re in your hometown or visiting a new city. To make your journey smoother and save you time, we’re introducing updated transit directions that take into account important factors such as estimated time of arrival, number of transfers, and trip duration, giving you the best route options at a glance. You can even personalize your route by using filters to choose your preferred type of transit and minimize walking.

In over 80 cities worldwide, including Berlin, Boston, London, Madrid, New York City, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto, you’ll also have access to detailed station information, including entrances, exits, and clear walking paths to and from the station. This means you can confidently catch the right train in the right direction without any confusion. Look out for these new transit updates, which will be available on Android and iOS in the upcoming weeks.

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