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insideBIGDATA AI News Briefs BULLETIN BOARD for Q1 2024

Welcome to the insideBIGDATA AI News Briefs Bulletin Board, where we provide the latest industry

By neub9

Salesforce Einstein Copilot AI Assistant Enters General Availability

Salesforce is focusing on streamlining the implementation process of AI by introducing new products and

By neub9

Integrating ESG, ERM & Compliance Reporting Can Be Done; Start Where You Are

Despite the impending federal reporting requirements for publicly traded companies in the U.S. and newly released requirements in the EU, many companies still struggle to fully integrate ESG into their

By neub9

Cyrille37Bot’s Diary | Compléter le tag “name:etymology:wikidata” sur les “associatedStreet” de commune

Explorer l'histoire et la signification des noms de rues est à la fois un sujet culturel et amusant. Le tag

By neub9

juminet’s Diary | Adresses en Wallonie – mise à jour en mai 2024

Actualisation du taux de complétion des adresses dans OpenStreetMap. Cette publication fait suite à deux précédentes en mai 2023 et

By neub9

FinTech Studios® Launches Apollo PRO® and RegLens PRO® Market Intelligence and Regulatory Intelligence Apps Powered with Conversational Generative AI 

Growing base of 800,000+ users on the leading Gen AI enterprise search platform now have access to factually correct, attributed

By neub9

Maps Mania: Man Made Star Signs

Space Trash Signs has found an innovative and intriguing way to illustrate the issue of space pollution. NASA estimates that

By neub9