Google launches HD maps for vehicles, Volvo and Polestar first to integrate

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Google has just unveiled an HD version of its vehicle mapping solution, which is not a consumer-facing application like Google Maps, but rather an additional layer of data that is integrated into the vehicle’s L2+ or L3 assisted-driving systems through Google Automotive Services.

This supplementary information builds upon Google Maps’ data by providing details such as precise lane markers and the localization of objects (such as road signs) to aid assisted-driving vehicles in navigating the road. However, the driver will not have direct access to or visibility of the HD map or its data. It remains unclear whether the driver will even be aware that the vehicle is utilizing the HD mapping, although it is presumed that the vehicle’s assisted-driving capabilities will be enhanced while in use.

A Google spokesperson has revealed that the HD mapping initially focuses on high-traffic roads such as freeways, although the exact cities or freeways have not been specified. Google is collaborating with automakers to determine the most beneficial locations for implementing the HD map.

Automakers using Google Automotive Services now have access to Google’s HD map. Volvo and Polestar have announced that the HD map will soon be incorporated into the Volvo EX90 and the Polestar 3.

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