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Mixpanel is a leading analytics solution for mobile and web applications. Their self-serve tool helps product teams understand usage, leading to the development of products that effectively convert, engage, and retain users.

Data is the foundation of every insight in analytics. In a recent episode of The Data Stack Show, Mixpanel VP of Product and Design, Neil Rahilly emphasized the importance of high-quality data for creating value for customers. Mixpanel takes a warehouse-first approach, placing the cloud data warehouse at the center of the data stack to store and provide aggregated data, resulting in deeper insights.

Like Mixpanel, RudderStack also adopts a warehouse-first approach to customer data management. Our data pipelines enable you to build a customer data platform on your warehouse, providing comprehensive behavioral data to Mixpanel with ease.

“We have really enjoyed collaborating with RudderStack and view our partnership as a meaningful step forward for our customers. Now, our customers can more easily join their product and business data and unlock more answers in Mixpanel.”

— Amir Movafaghi, Mixpanel CEO

As data continues to be crucial for growth and the modern data stack becomes more flexible, Mixpanel and RudderStack are proud to partner together to deliver enhanced analytics to product teams, powered by rich data from the data warehouse.

Join our upcoming technical session The Modern Data Stack is Warehouse-first on November 11 at 2:00 ET to learn more about why the data warehouse should be at the center of your data stack. The session will feature panelists from Snowflake, Mixpanel, RudderStack, and Mammoth Growth.

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