complexConfusion’s Diary | Mapping neighborhood common areas

By neub9
1 Min Read

As someone new to mapping, I’ve been working on mapping out my neighborhood’s common areas. I started by using OSM maps, but quickly found that they are not accurately representing the property lines. For example, the “Residential Area” blob does not follow the correct property lines, and the boundaries of the neighboring research refuge are also incorrect, encroaching into private properties and common areas. Additionally, our neighborhood is labeled with a point instead of a proper containing area.

Before making any changes to the map, I want to make sure I understand the best practices. Should I edit the “Residential Area” shape to match the external boundaries formed by private and common-area property lines and label it with our neighborhood name? Or should I add a new shape with the correct boundary and label? I want to make sure I’m following established practices in mapping.

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