JeffB’s Diary | GT-31 still going strong

By neub9
1 Min Read

I wanted to share an update on my recent use of my trusty GT-31 for data logging. Every few years, I bring it out of retirement and this time I took it to the new Waterbeach development near Cambridge, UK. It performed flawlessly once again, proving to be an amazing piece of equipment.

However, I was disappointed to learn that GPSBabel no longer supports the GT-31’s native SBP format. I thought this might put an end to my mapping endeavors, but fortunately, I discovered that I can still use the old NaviSys software on Windows 11. Although I can no longer connect to the GT-31 over USB (which is puzzling), I can still load the SBP file from the SD card and convert it to GPX. This allows me to seamlessly integrate the GPX file into OSM’s iD editor. I’m grateful for such valuable software!

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