6 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve the Content Experience

By neub9
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What if you created content so amazing that your audience didn’t even realize they were having an experience? This can happen when you incorporate these ideas into your content strategy to elevate your goals beyond simply producing content that feels dull and uninspiring.

Write with an inclusive heart. Avoid overusing first-person references like “I,” “me,” “we,” and “us.” Instead, prioritize second-person references like “you” to engage your audience. Consider using gender-neutral pronouns to make your content more inclusive.

Make your content shine brighter with an AI assist. Use tools like Hemingway Editor or Grammarly to improve readability and grammar. Providing scannable text with short sentences and simple language can enhance the content experience.

Ask questions to engage your audience. Encourage interaction by posing questions in your content that prompt readers to actively participate in the conversation.

Provide more formats for accessibility. Consider adding audio versions of your content to cater to a wider audience. Use tools like Everlit, Play.ht, or Speechify to convert text to audio.

Include links to related content. Internal and external links can help readers delve deeper into the topic. Consider adding on-page links or a table of contents to improve navigation.

Don’t forget the ‘invisible’ text. Use descriptive alt text for images to enhance the content experience for users with text-to-speech software. Customize image descriptions to ensure they provide valuable context.

Incorporating these ideas doesn’t require a big budget or a lengthy approval process. They simply require a commitment to improving the content experience for your audience. If you have tips to share or would like to suggest a tool, please reach out to the author. And for more insights into content marketing, consider attending Content Marketing World or subscribing to Content Marketing Institute’s updates.

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