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By neub9
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Data systems are becoming increasingly complex, making it more challenging to ensure that the right individuals have the necessary access to effectively carry out their roles. There is a need to balance the demand for velocity and data democratization on one side, and the growing importance of reliability, data privacy, and data security on the other.

Managing permissions requires precision. If permissions are too lenient, there is a higher risk of data breaches, pipeline issues, and non-compliance with privacy regulations. Conversely, if permissions are too restrictive, data users face difficulty in running analyses for decision-making, creating informed marketing campaigns, and gaining context for effective customer interactions.

To address these challenges, we have introduced two key features to enable fine-tuning of user permissions, allowing you to:

  • Lock down business-critical pipelines
  • Limit access to debugging features where raw data is exposed to ensure data privacy

Locking down business-critical pipelines

Administrators now have the ability to lock down any source or destination. When a source is in lockdown mode, only specific individuals are permitted to update the pipeline, and no new connections can be added to locked-down objects.

When a destination is locked down, we offer peace of mind that changes will not occur unexpectedly. Additionally, when issues arise, it is easy to address pipeline errors with trusted individuals who have access.

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