3 ways we’ve used Google Maps to support people across Asia Pacific

By neub9
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Innovative Features Inspired by Asia

In 2017, our team worked with motorbike riders in India to enhance our suggested routes, making them more accessible for two-wheelers traveling on narrow, unpaved roads. This two-wheeler mode was first launched in India and later expanded to Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and even Kenya. Additionally, our Maps teams in Asia Pacific have introduced other global innovations, such as the Explore tab, showcasing user-uploaded photos and reviews, and photo overlays for a visually rich browsing experience.

Emergency Assistance

Following the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan in 2011, our Crisis Response teams provided maps displaying power outages, radioactive areas, and open roads for emergency aid and relief efforts. We have since expanded our capabilities to include earthquake visualization and typhoon tracking, assisting other countries during crises, such as tsunami-affected areas in Indonesia and the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Exploring Asia Pacific with Street View

Through our Street View technology, we have created a digital archive of tsunami-affected areas, allowing people to virtually explore various locations across the region. Street View also serves as a key component of our mapping technology, providing up-to-date information and enabling new views through AI technology, such as Lens in Maps and Immersive View.

Our experiences in Asia Pacific have contributed to the development of global products that enhance the user experience for people around the world.

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