Victoria’s Secret to create AI-powered shopping experiences with Google Cloud

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Victoria’s Secret & Co. (VS&Co) has announced a new strategic, multi-year partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration will allow the women’s lingerie retailer to utilize Google Cloud’s AI and generative AI technologies to create more personalized and inclusive online shopping experiences for its global customers. In addition to enhancing the customer experience, the partnership will also focus on improving operational efficiencies and associate experiences within the business, utilizing Google Cloud’s AI technologies.

With Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s website now driving over 500 million annual visits, the company’s top priority is leveraging new technologies to create personalized customer experiences at a large scale. As part of this collaboration, the brand will explore the use of a new generative AI-powered conversational assistant, developed with Google Cloud’s AI platform, Vertex AI. The goal of this conversational chatbot is to provide shoppers with tailored product recommendations and advice based on individual preferences and life experiences. Whether a customer is a sports enthusiast, a nursing mother, a breast cancer survivor, or simply in search of a new bra, the chatbot will cater to their unique needs.

In December 2022, Victoria’s Secret acquired Adore Me, a direct-to-consumer lingerie company, with the aim of leveraging its technology and expertise to modernize its digital platform and improve the overall customer shopping experience. Adore Me has been using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform and Duet AI for Google Workspace, and this new partnership aims to integrate large language models from Adore Me across the brands.

Chris Rupp, Chief Customer Officer at Victoria’s Secret & Co., expressed, “The integration of Google Cloud’s AI technologies will not only improve the online shopping experience for our customers but also empower our internal teams to drive innovation across various business functions. This partnership signifies a new era for Victoria’s Secret & Co., where cutting-edge technology meets our passion for enhancing the customer journey and reinforcing our position as a leader in retail.”

Victoria’s Secret & Co. is actively exploring strategic ways to integrate Google Cloud’s AI technologies into its internal operations. This includes leveraging AI for marketing, customer sentiment analysis, supply chain optimization, and human resources and store operations support.

Murali Sundararajan, Chief Information Officer at Victoria’s Secret & Co., stated, “We are strategically implementing AI to help us better use data to benefit our customers and enhance internal processes. We’re excited about the potential use cases, including international expansion planning, marketing development, and supply chain optimization.”

Furthermore, Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret PINK aim to enhance their website and mobile app by implementing Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail technology. This integration is expected to provide shoppers with enhanced search and recommendations capabilities, facilitating quicker and easier product discovery.

Carrie Tharp, Vice President of Strategic Industries at Google Cloud, commented, “Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s use of AI and generative AI to fuel its strategic growth plan illustrates how retailers can practically use these new technologies to deliver the full potential of their brands. From building tailored experiences that resonate with shoppers to transforming how new products are developed and delivered, Victoria’s Secret & Co. is at the forefront of retail innovation.”

Finally, Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s partnership with Google Cloud builds upon the introduction of an AI-powered product search feature using Google Cloud’s Vision API Product Search technology, allowing users to find specific products by uploading an image. This feature and other enhancements accentuate the retailer’s commitment to delivering world-class customer experiences through technological advancements.

The decision to select Google Cloud’s AI technology is attributed to its leadership in AI security practices and its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing business systems at scale.

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