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At RudderStack, we are passionate about data, analytics, technical tools, and even sports like football and cricket. We consider ourselves to be data nerds, and are particularly excited about machine learning. For us, machine learning is a combination of engineering, programming, and analytics with creativity and intuition. However, building a system to integrate artificial intelligence or machine learning can be challenging from both a programming and data collection perspective.

We have experts in various fields and have prototyped machine learning models to support our clients. Our goal at RudderStack is to simplify the process of applying machine learning within organizations. Here are a few examples of how you can leverage RudderStack to harness the power of machine learning with your own data.

Enriching Zendesk Using Google’s Sentiment Analysis AI

Our team at RudderStack created a project demonstrating how to use Google’s Natural Language API tool to enhance inbound tickets from Zendesk using Google’s Sentiment Analysis methods. By leveraging RudderStack’s Transformations, you can enrich inbound tracking and identify calls in real-time. We will soon provide a step-by-step tutorial on this, so stay tuned for updates.

Predicting Customer Churn for Wynn Casinos Gaming App

We published a blog post describing how RudderStack helped Torpedo Labs predict player churn for their Wynn Casinos app. This involved capturing player event data and using BigQuery to train and test a linear regression model, resulting in reduced churn and increased revenue and player engagement.

LoveHolidays Property Suggestions

LoveHolidays, an online travel booking site, used RudderStack to stream user event data to Google BigQuery, creating a machine learning algorithm to predict vacation properties based on individual traveler’s search history. This resulted in a more relevant user experience and increased booking per user search.

If you want to learn more about how RudderStack supports AI/ML needs or see a demo of our platform in action, subscribe to our product newsletter or join our Slack community for updates.

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