TikTok is testing new ‘Nearby’ feed to display local content

By neub9
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TikTok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ feed that aims to show local content to users. The new feed tab is being tested with select users in Southeast Asia, providing a new way to enhance the TikTok experience for its community. The Nearby feed is displayed alongside the “Following” and “For You” feeds on the app’s homepage.

The ability to add location tags to videos is also being tested with creators. The purpose of the Nearby feed is to display local content, and it’s not yet clear if it will only show videos with location tags, given the limited availability of the feature at this time.

TikTok’s recommendation algorithm has been well-received, and the Nearby feed aims to provide more personalized local content to users. The addition of the Nearby feed would bring TikTok on par with other platforms offering similar features, such as Snapchat’s Snap Map and Instagram’s searchable map for local content and nearby locations.

TikTok’s Nearby feed is expected to provide a tailored experience, displaying local content that aligns with a user’s interests. It could potentially impact platforms like TripAdvisor and Google, opening up new advertising options for local businesses.

Google has observed TikTok cutting into its Search product, particularly among younger users. If TikTok widely rolls out the Nearby feed, it will provide users with a targeted discovery process for local content like restaurants or popular events.

TikTok is also testing other new feeds, including a “Shop” feed that allows users to browse and buy products across various categories.

TikTok cautions that as with any test feature, the Nearby feed may change before an official launch or be scrapped altogether.

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