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By neub9
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In 2023, data teams are focusing on maximizing the impact of each project in light of economic uncertainty. Companies are prioritizing data-driven projects that increase revenue efficiency, such as personalization and churn reduction, while also carefully managing expenses and ensuring that technology investments deliver value. We have worked with numerous customers to assess their technology stacks and have identified three effective approaches that data teams use to optimize their operations using RudderStack.

1. Time is money: By eliminating unnecessary integrations engineering and custom pipelines, data teams can free up time and resources for higher value activities. For example, one of our customers, an international furniture retailer, struggled with time delays in responding to marketing requests for adding new dimensions to user profiles for email campaigns. By implementing RudderStack’s out-of-the-box integrations, they were able to eliminate custom in-house solutions and manual data processing, ultimately reducing the time to fulfill new data requests to just one hour.

2. Money is money: Replacing legacy Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) with data infrastructure can lead to significant cost savings. For instance, a national shoe brand replaced their legacy CDP with their own data warehouse and RudderStack’s Event Stream and Reverse ETL pipelines. As a result, they gained greater control, scalability, and flexibility at a fraction of the cost, while improving security and compliance.

3. Flexibility is money: By using RudderStack’s adaptable infrastructure, data teams can build creative solutions that help other teams move fast while avoiding unnecessary costs. For example, our customers use RudderStack Transformations to enrich event payloads with 3rd-party geography and account information, as well as to hydrate internal APIs and tooling using Webhooks. This allows teams to implement new ideas and initiatives quickly without the need for extensive custom engineering work or new tool purchase.

By leveraging the capabilities of RudderStack, data teams can make substantial time and technology cost savings, freeing up resources to focus on driving value for their organizations and staying ahead of the competition in 2023.

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