The Cool Kids Corner: Data Leadership (and the Importance of TNADVTMADHGI)

By neub9
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Hello! I’m Mark Horseman, and welcome to The Cool Kids Corner. This is my monthly check-in to share with you the people and ideas I encounter as a data evangelist with DATAVERSITY. Last month we discussed data privacy. This month we’re talking about data leadership. What do we mean by data leadership? What challenges do we face in becoming data-driven and leading an organization through all aspects of data? We’ll explore these questions and hear what the Cool Kids have to say.

“What the heck is with that title Mark!?” was a common question on this journey. Well, it’s an excerpt from Anthony Algmin’s new book, “Data Leadership for Everyone.” So, it should come as no surprise that Anthony is our Cool Kid for this month. The acronym “TNADVTMADHGI” stands for “Try not to accidentally decrease value through my actions despite having good intentions.” This concept resonated with Anthony as he shared a story about a baseball with a questionable signature, emphasizing the importance of leaving situations better than we found them.

This message struck a chord with me, as I’ve held various data leadership roles in my career, from data governance to leading information systems teams. Reflecting on my experiences, I recognize times when I’ve embodied this mantra and times when I fell short. Anthony’s book prompted me to self-reflect and commit to leaving situations better than I found them.

What are the Cool Kids saying about data leadership? Our featured Cool Kid is Anthony Algmin. Anthony always brings something fresh and engaging, whether through his book or his new venture using data and analytics in sports betting. Watch Anthony’s talk on data leadership below.

Explore the other incredible projects Anthony is involved in:

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Next month, I’ll delve into the topic of lifelong learning in the data field. Stay tuned!

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