Sony, Siemens to Enable Immersive Engineering

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Sony and Siemens Partnership Announcement

Sony Corporation and Siemens have joined forces to introduce an innovative solution by merging Siemens Xcelerator industry software with Sony’s latest XR head-mounted display, SRH-S1. This cutting-edge HMD, designed using Siemens’ NX software, a core solution utilized by Sony for designing its industry-leading products.

During a presentation at Realize LIVE in Las Vegas, Seiya Amatatsu, Head of Sony’s XR Technology Development Division, highlighted the team’s dependence on Siemens’ NX software from the Xcelerator portfolio in developing the new HMD. The SRH-S1 features a XR head-mounted display with 4K OLED Microdisplays and controllers for seamless interaction with 3D objects.

Sony has been leveraging the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio as its primary product engineering software since 2015, resulting in a 25% increase in design process productivity. The collaboration with Siemens for the XR head-mounted display is poised to drive further evolution and innovation in product development.

Sony’s XR head-mounted display plays a pivotal role in the upcoming NX Immersive Designer, a groundbreaking solution that merges Siemens’ premier product engineering software NX with Sony’s XR technology for immersive design and collaborative product engineering capabilities.

Hirohito Kondo, Deputy General Manager of Sony’s XR Business Development Division, emphasized Sony’s commitment to enabling creators through the SRH-S1, providing a fully immersive environment for intuitive creation and collaboration with colleagues worldwide in real time.

The seamless integration of hardware and software in the SRH-S1 offers designers and engineers new, natural ways to interact with the Digital Twin, facilitating meaningful hands-on engineering without the need for physical prototypes.

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