slice0’s Diary | the DWG rules placed on my edits have already ruined the map

By neub9
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We have noticed that your profile statement reflects that you have mapped roads in South Australia according to the legal and official government source, the OpenStreetMap Project. However, it has come to our attention that using a legal source does not necessarily mean that the data is appropriate for OSM. Despite numerous attempts to address this issue, it seems that you have persisted in your approach, resulting in a one-month block from the project.

We urge you to consider the consequences of continuing on this path. Do you believe that the OSM community will eventually align with your viewpoint, or do you anticipate that further action will be taken, possibly extending your block? If you hold onto the former belief, I have a bridge to sell you.

Instead of persisting with the same approach, we encourage you to listen to the feedback given to you regarding OSM’s highway classification in Australia and globally. Taking the time to reconsider your approach could prevent you from facing the same repercussions in a month’s time, leaving you unable to edit OSM.

Best Regards,

Andy, from OSM’s Data Working Group.

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