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In today’s technology-driven world, businesses seeking to maximize the potential of their customer data are faced with significant challenges related to compliance and data privacy regulations.

RudderStack is at the forefront of addressing these challenges with our innovative customer data platform, which revolves around three fundamental principles from an architectural perspective:

  1. Data ownership: Your customer data resides in your cloud data warehouse, eliminating the need for SaaS data siloes and the associated compliance and duplication complications.
  2. Full control over compute, scheduling, and cost: Critical compute processes, such as generating an identity graph, take place within your data warehouse, providing comprehensive customer visibility, consistent data for all business teams, and aligning with cost control strategies.
  3. Strategic flexibility: Your business teams can utilize any tool and receive complete customer profiles without the need to learn a new platform.

Furthermore, RudderStack has introduced a suite of compliance and governance products to establish data trust, starting with industry-leading OneTrust integration for consent management.

Additionally, we are launching two products to expedite AI adoption: AutoML for instant prediction analytics and ProfilesML for advanced predictive analytics based on comprehensive customer data.

Compliance and Governance Integration

Our data governance tools encompass the complete customer data lifecycle:

  • Collect User Consent: RudderStack simplifies the incorporation of user consent management systems, including OneTrust, to comply with data privacy laws.
  • Store User Consent: Brands can securely store and manage user consent throughout the customer journey, all enabled through RudderStack’s Profiles.
  • Handle Consent Updates and Deletion Requests: RudderStack’s user suppression and deletion products provide a centralized solution for executing consent updates and data deletion across cloud systems and data warehouses.
  • Manage Data Residency: RudderStack’s Data Residency product streamlines the handling of data residency requirements through a unified interface.
  • Control Data Sent to 3rd-Party SaaS Tools: RudderStack empowers brands to enforce data transfer regulations effectively, ensuring adherence to varying global data regulations.

Tools for Accelerated AI/ML

To support the growing demand for AI-driven products, we are developing infrastructure for data teams to expedite complex data initiatives.

  • AutoML (coming soon): AutoML offers out-of-the-box predictive insights from Event Stream data, significantly reducing time-to-value for data teams.
  • ProfilesML (Early Access): ProfilesML simplifies the process of building predictive features on all customer data in your data warehouse without the complexities of MLOps.

Begin Your Journey Today

RudderStack equips companies with an enterprise-ready data governance feature set to establish data trust throughout its lifecycle. In addition, we have introduced ML capabilities to enable organizations to derive predictive insights from event stream data with ease.

Contact our team for a platform demonstration today.

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