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As technology continues to advance in B2B marketing, allowing for more targeted audience outreach, automation, and personalization, it’s important to recognize the significant impact influencer marketing has on cutting through the noise, building trust, and driving growth. A new study conducted by TopRank Marketing and Ascend2 reveals key trends and predictions for B2B influencer marketing in 2024.

The study found that while 15% of marketers are just beginning their influencer marketing journey, 48% have reached a moderate stage, and 23% have achieved expert status. Additionally, over 85% of businesses consider influencer marketing an essential part of their strategy, with 23% having adopted an always-on influencer marketing program.

Looking ahead to 2024, the study predicts more use of short-form video, greater diversity in partners, increased co-creation between brands and influencers, and a focus on AI-powered solutions for influencer identification and research. The survey, which included 425 B2B marketing decision-makers, provides valuable insights and tips for successful influencer marketing strategies.

Insights and Tips from the Study:

1. Habits of Highly Successful Influencer Marketers:
– Utilizing an always-on influencer program is key to success
– Outsourcing your program can be a successful strategy

Five Tips for Outsourcing your B2B Influencer Marketing Program:
– Strategic Partner Selection
– Clear Communication and Objectives
– Performance Metrics and Analytics
– Legal Compliance and Contracts
– Collaborative Content Creation

2. Benefits of an Influencer Marketing Program:
– Advanced influencer programs report increased sales revenue, brand awareness, and improved brand reputation

Tip: Tap into Industry Credibility by aligning with influencers who possess industry expertise and credibility, enhancing your brand’s reputation.

3. Use of AI in Influencer Marketing:
– AI technologies can personalize content based on audience preferences and engagement patterns

Tip: Implement AI to suggest personalized content ideas for influencers, tailored to the unique interests of their followers, increasing engagement.

4. Content Used in Influencer Marketing:
– Co-creating meaningful content adds credibility and insight

Tip: Facilitate Industry Networking and Collaboration to expand the reach of influencer marketing efforts and position your brand as a catalyst for meaningful industry connections.

5. Activating Influencers:
– Engage influencers in various content types and activities to provide more engagement opportunities for your audience

Three Tips for Promoting Content with B2B Influencers:
– Strategic Cross-Promotion
– Create Engaging Multimedia Content
– Utilize Influencer Networks and Communities

The report also includes a list of 25 top influencer marketing experts to follow. You can download the full report for more insights and recommendations.

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