Qualinx Partners With EUSPA to Develop GNSS Receiver

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Qualinx has partnered with the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) under the Fundamental Elements EU R&D funding mechanism to develop a low-power, consumer-grade GNSS receiver for the agency’s GNSS authentication service.

The Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA) service, provided by EUSPA, is designed to ensure that users receive data from Galileo satellites with guarantee. This initiative is a response to the increasing number of spoofing incidents that have disrupted GNSS services by malicious actors.

After a rigorous 6-month selection process by EUSPA, Qualinx secured the project. Qualinx’s Digital Radio Frequency (DRF) technology, which converts analog functions into digital circuits, will play a key role in this development.

This technology promises a 10-fold reduction in power consumption compared to traditional GNSS receivers, leading to extended battery life in navigation devices and smaller, more cost-effective packages.

Qualinx CEO, Tom Trill, stated, “This partnership with EUSPA is a strong validation of Qualinx’s DRF technology and its advantages in GNSS applications. Our collaboration with EUSPA originated from the European Commission’s CASSINI initiative, aimed at supporting space-related startups with deep-tech solutions. This project aligns perfectly with our DRF technology, allowing Qualinx to stay at the forefront of next-generation GNSS technology and deliver reliable, low-power GNSS receivers for this vital security service.”

Fiammetta Diani, head of the Market, Development and Innovation unit at EUSPA, also commented, “Qualinx’s proven core technology and its adaptability without significant hardware redesign were crucial factors for the development of low-powered consumer-grade receivers, leveraging our innovative OSNMA service. We are excited to partner with Qualinx to enhance Galileo’s service resilience for all users.”

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