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By neub9
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Check out Soumyadeb’s latest post about the past year for an in-depth reflection on Blendo’s acquisition. We were inspired by the initial discussions we had about integrating Blendo’s ETL platform with RudderStack due to our shared belief that unified data pipelines are crucial for building a true customer data platform, rather than just a nice feature for data engineers.

We’re thrilled to see Soumyadeb’s vision come to fruition, with our recent substantial growth in the market and significant Series A funding round led by Kleiner Perkins. However, as he mentioned, this is just the beginning. We have exciting work ahead of us as we continue to develop and expand our vision.

So, what makes a customer data platform for developers essential? Unlike traditional CDPs that focus on marketing, we believe that customer data should be utilized across the entire business, including product, sales, data science, support, finance, and business strategy. For us, data is a platform that enables applications, making it much more than just a marketing tool.

We will offer a platform to help data engineers build and manage a customer data platform on their existing infrastructure, enabling them to integrate with and even build applications across the business that rely on customer data. But this is just the beginning.

We are also excited to share some of the new features in the works, such as more destinations, SDK optimizations, new data sources, reverse-ETL functionality, and better integration with the modern data stack. In the longer term, you can look forward to a richer developer experience and operational transparency features to ensure that RudderStack is the best CDP for developers. The possibilities for continued value-building are endless.

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