Oracle Autonomous Database Receives New AI Integrations

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Oracle is integrating AI into its full-stack, including its databases, with state-of-the-art innovations for incorporating AI and advanced machine learning into applications.

In a recent blog post, George Lumpkin, vice president of product management, detailed the intuitive and easy-to-use enhancements that now include:

  • Autonomous Database Select AI now allows developers to create AI-enabled applications that understand users’ natural language questions in a conversational thread and get answers from private data.
  • A new spatial enhancement in Oracle Machine Learning enables organizations to include location relationships in ML models for improved accuracy.
  • A new user-friendly “no-code” model monitoring interface simplifies the timely detection of quality and concept drift in ML models.
  • A new UI for Autonomous Database Graph Studio enables the creation of property graph views on RDF knowledge graphs using a drag-and-drop method, allowing organizations to explore interconnections across knowledge silos without complex coding or data duplication.

Combined, these enhancements to Autonomous Database reflect Oracle’s ongoing commitment to provide users with the tools they need to integrate AI and ML into their applications, allowing them to quickly gain insights from data and make timely business decisions, Lumpkin said.

Support for OCI Generative AI is now available and can accelerate application development or create new business solutions by securely combining private enterprise data in Autonomous Database with the productivity and creativity of generative AI.

Select AI with OCI Generative AI helps keep data safe—data never leaves Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), is not shared with AI providers, and is secured using Oracle Database’s advanced capabilities.

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