Optimizing Performance and Cost Savings for Elastic on Pure Storage

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It’s undeniable that data is growing at an unprecedented rate and access to this data is crucial for enterprises seeking insights for business growth. With the expansion of data, there’s also an increased demand for fast query performance and quick insights.

Organizations across Pure Storage’s install base are using Elastic as a tool to store, search, and analyze data at scale, across a broad range of use cases. Whether it’s within applications for search and indexing or for log analysis, the growth in infrastructure and machine generated log data presents challenges for Observability and Security Operations teams.

Challenge: Balancing Performance and Cost as Elastic Deployment Scales

As Elastic usage grows within organizations, they bring more and more data and logs into Elastic. The larger log files and the need to retain security related logs longer present operational challenges and higher costs, especially for those using Elastic Cloud or considering on-premises deployments.

Use the Right Storage Choices with Elastic Data Tiers

To balance performance with cost, organizations can use Elastic Data Tiers and select a storage solution that matches each Tier’s performance and capacity requirements. Pure Storage provides storage solutions best suited for each Data Tier.

Use Cold and Frozen Data Tiers with Capacity-Optimized Storage

Organizations can reduce infrastructure costs by using cold and frozen tiers with minimal performance impact. Pure Storage offers an all-flash, capacity-optimized object storage technology that provides the needed performance for the cold and frozen tier at disk economics.

Pure Storage and Elastic Deployments

As the volume of data escalates and the challenges of balancing performance and cost in Elastic deployments continue, Pure Storage offers tailored solutions to address diverse needs and empower organizations to simplify their Elastic architecture.

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