Legacy Transactional Databases: Oh, What a Tangled Web

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Database modernization is becoming increasingly necessary for digital transformation, but it can be a complex and challenging process. One of the main obstacles in modernization efforts is dealing with legacy entanglements. Many organizations have integrated legacy databases with critical business processes, applications, and various systems such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, human resource management, point-of-sales systems, and e-commerce. Additionally, there are middleware and integration, identity and access management, backup and recovery, replication, and other technology integrations to consider.

Five Steps to Untangle Legacy Dependencies

So, how can you safely untangle legacy databases for cloud-based modernization? Here’s a five-step plan for a smoother and less disruptive transition:

1. Understand and Document Dependencies and Underlying Technologies

Identifying legacy dependencies involves reviewing available database documentation, conducting code reviews, and seeking insights from developers, architects, and database administrators.

2. Prioritize Dependencies

Assess the importance, impact, and risks associated with each dependency to prioritize them. Consider business value, risks, interdependencies, and migration complexity.

3. Take a Phased Approach

Implement a phased migration approach to ensure a successful modernization process, including preparation, planning, execution, operation, and optimization.

4. Reduce Risks

Implement approaches that run legacy and modern systems in parallel, use staging environments for testing, and have a rollback plan in case of unexpected issues.

5. Breakdown Monolithic Dependencies

Adopt a microservices architecture to break down the legacy database into smaller, independent components, reducing the risk of system-wide failures and making the database easier to maintain and enhance.

How Actian Can Help with Database Modernization

The Ingres NeXt Readiness Assessment provides professional services tailored to your modernization requirements, offering recommendations for your modernization strategy formulation, planning, and implementation. Based on this assessment, Actian can assist with pilot and production deployment as well as provide training workshops if needed. For more information, please contact services@actian.com.

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