Lawsuit Alleges Google Maps Directed a Man to Drive Off Bridge

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On Tuesday, a North Carolina man’s family filed a lawsuit against Google. The family claims the company was grossly negligent for allowing its Maps application to direct the man to drive off a collapsed bridge, resulting in his fatal plunge.

Philip Paxson, a 47-year-old father of two, was driving home when Google Maps allegedly suggested he drive his Jeep Gladiator across a bridge that had collapsed in 2013.

Paxson’s mother-in-law shared on Facebook that the bridge had been destroyed nine years prior and never repaired, with no barriers or warning signs to prevent accidents. In response, Paxson’s widow, Alicia, filed a lawsuit claiming that Google Maps misguided her husband to his tragic death.

The state troopers who responded to the incident reported the lack of barriers or road signs warning of the collapsed bridge. Philip’s body was discovered 20 feet below, and his wife, Alicia, expressed deep sorrow for their daughters’ loss and disbelief at the disregard for human life.

The lawsuit also names two other defendants Tarde, LLC, James Tarlton, and Hinckley Gauvain, LLC, identified as the owners of the neglected collapsed bridge.

Attorneys for Alicia Paxson did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

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