Launch Systems, Satellite Manufacturing Way Forward in Indo-France Ties

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In a recent interview with Geospatial World, Dr. Namrata Goswami, an author, professor, and consultant specializing in space policy and international relations, shared her insights on a wide range of topics, from the importance of FDI policy in the Indian space sector to the implications of Space Race 2.0.


What impact will FDI have on the Indian space sector?

Dr. Goswami stressed the critical importance of developing a robust FDI policy in the space sector in order to achieve India’s goal of contributing $40 billion to the global space sector by 2040. She emphasized that a liberalized space economy is essential for achieving this ambitious goal.

She also discussed how an FDI policy aligned with India’s 2023 space policy will provide institutional processes to open up the Indian new space sector and drive commercialization.

Furthermore, Dr. Goswami highlighted the significance of an FDI policy that enables satellite manufacturing, operations, data sharing, and establishes robust supply chain mechanisms, in empowering India’s private players in space.

How will the India-France relationship affect space collaboration and unlock opportunities in the space sector?

Dr. Goswami emphasized the potential for collaboration between France and India in areas such as building launch systems, satellite manufacturing, and working together on space norms and guidelines through international organizations. She identified these collaborative efforts as key steps to establishing both countries as major powers in space.

How can India and France work together to bring societal benefits of space technology and address global challenges?

Dr. Goswami suggested potential areas of collaboration between India and France, including the development of nuclear propulsion technology, space-based solar power, and joint mapping of space debris and situational awareness, to address global challenges like climate change and enhance the societal benefits of space technology.

What are your views on the ongoing Space Race 2.0, particularly in the context of China?

Dr. Goswami discussed China’s ambitious space program and its goals to establish leadership in space by 2049. She highlighted China’s plans for lunar and Mars missions, as well as its focus on space-based solar power and accessing resources in space. She emphasized the implications of China’s space program on its comprehensive national power and its impact on the international system.

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