insideBIGDATA AI News Briefs BULLETIN BOARD for Q1 2024

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Welcome to our HTML tagged feature, the insideBIGDATA AI News Briefs Bulletin Board! We are excited to bring you the most up-to-date industry insights and perspectives covering AI, including deep learning, large language models, generative AI, and transformers. We are dedicated to providing a valuable resource to keep you informed in this rapidly growing field.

Our bulletin board is regularly updated in reverse date order (most recent on top) to ensure you are in the know about the latest happenings in the AI industry. You can come back often to see what’s happening as our industry continues to accelerate at a rapid pace. To view previous “AI News Briefs” round-ups, click HERE.

[1/26/2024] OpenAI Continues to Innovate – OpenAI has announced a new generation of embedding models that can convert text into a numerical form for various machine learning tasks. The company has also introduced new versions of its GPT-4 Turbo and moderation models, along with lower pricing on its GPT-3.5 Turbo model.

[1/26/2024] Ruling in Meta v Bright Data case protects Public Web Data: A U.S. Federal Court has ruled that Bright Data did not violate Meta’s terms of use when scraping public web data from Meta and Instagram. The judge’s ruling reaffirms the public’s right to access and collect public web data and underscores that Meta’s terms only apply to users actively logged into their accounts.

[1/26/2024] RUMOR! CNBC TechCheck Anchor Deirdre Bosa reportedly met with tech titan CEOs in San Francisco to discuss AI industry developments and partnerships. Revelations indicate that top AI companies are forging deals with senior AI researchers, indicating a promising landscape for talent in the field.

[1/25/2024] ZetaForge: Revolutionizing AI Development – Zetane has developed ZetaForge, a new AI platform designed to accelerate the development of complex AI projects. ZetaForge is soon to be released on GitHub, offering a valuable resource for AI development.

[1/25/2024] 01 AI, a Chinese startup, sets a new standard in AI by outperforming Meta’s Llama 2 with its innovative model. This startup from Beijing has released its own open source model that consistently outperforms other top AI models across various benchmarks for automated intelligence.

[1/25/2024] FTC Launches Inquiry into Generative AI Investments and Partnerships – the Federal Trade Commission has initiated an inquiry into corporate partnerships and investments with AI providers to better understand their impact on the competitive landscape.

[1/25/2024] Google Launches Gemini-powered Search Ads – Google has integrated Gemini, its multimodal GenAI model, into its Google Ads platform to create relevant, optimized, and conversational ad campaigns.

[1/25/2024] Microsoft’s new “GenAI” team: Microsoft is forming a new GenAI team with the aim of developing efficient AI models that have a smaller footprint and use less computing power than existing models.

[1/24/2024] Alphabet cuts ties with Australian AI firm – Alphabet has ended its contractual ties with Appen, the AI data firm that helped train Google’s AI products. This decision has significant implications for the AI industry.

[1/23/2024] According to Toby Coulthard, CPO at Phrasee, the GPT Store bridges the gap in the ChatGPT product adoption, which will likely lead to better usability, accessibility, retention, and increased competitiveness for OpenAI in the AI market.

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