IBM LinuxONE 4 Express Provides Cyber Resilient Hybrid Cloud and AI Platform

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IBM has introduced the IBM LinuxONE 4 Express, bringing the latest performance, security, and AI capabilities of LinuxONE to small and medium sized businesses and new data center environments.

The pre-configured rack mount system aims to provide cost savings and simplify the process of spinning up workloads quickly, catering to new and traditional use cases such as digital assets, medical imaging with AI, and workload consolidation.

“IBM LinuxONE 4 Express offers startups and small to medium-sized businesses a chance to establish a deliberate hybrid cloud strategy from the ground up. IBM integrates the power of hybrid cloud and AI in the latest LinuxONE 4 system in a simple, easy to use format that can fit into many data centers,” said Tina Tarquinio, VP of product management for IBM Z and LinuxONE. “As businesses evolve with market shifts, LinuxONE 4 Express can scale to meet growing workload and performance requirements, while also offering AI inferencing co-located with mission-critical data for expanding AI use cases.”

The system addresses a variety of use cases, including digital assets, medical imaging with AI, and workload consolidation. For digital assets, it provides a secured platform with confidential computing capabilities. With on-chip AI inferencing using the IBM Telum processor, clients can co-locate AI with mission-critical data on a LinuxONE system. Additionally, it is designed to simplify IT environments and reduce costs by consolidating databases onto a LinuxONE system.

IBM is working with companies in the IBM LinuxONE Ecosystem to provide solutions for sustainability and cybersecurity challenges. This includes AquaSecurity, Clari5, Exponential AI, Opollo Technologies, Pennant, and Spiking. The new IBM LinuxONE 4 Express will be available from IBM and certified business partners on February 20, 2024.

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