How Plus Codes helped create new home addresses in India

By neub9
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Bhagyashree, a Plus Code recipient living in a slum, used to face difficulties in receiving her supplies as she didn’t have an address to use. Now, with her own Plus Codes address, she can have all her goods sent straight to her home, saving her time and effort.

Similarly, Rajashree, a housewife running a small shop in front of her home, faced a problem during the monsoon season with an overflowing manhole near her house. Using her Plus Codes address, she was able to quickly contact authorities and have the issue resolved before it affected her shop.

Vulnerable communities like these often struggle to receive help from governments and NGOs due to a lack of reliable data. However, Plus Codes has enabled the creation of a comprehensive database of slum households, allowing the government to reach these underserved people.

Our mission is to make the invisible, visible — ensuring that every slum resident is seen and has their needs met. Access to resources and a sense of belonging to society can be achieved with a simple step: having an address they can call their own.

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