Guardrails AI Promises to Stop ‘Hallucinations’ Plaguing LLMs with $7.5M in Seed Funding

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Guardrails AI, an open and trusted AI assurance company, officially launched at the AI in Production conference. The company also introduced Guardrails Hub, an open source product that allows developers to build, share, and re-use advanced validation techniques.

Guardrails Hub is designed to be an open and collaborative platform, accelerating the discovery and adoption of groundbreaking tools and methodologies for safely adopting GenAI technologies,” said Shreya Rajpal, co-founder and CEO of Guardrails AI.

Guardrails ensures the reliability and integrity of AI applications via validation and correction mechanisms. The hub already has 50 pre-built validators, including many contributed by a growing community of individuals and organizations.

Guardrails AI also announced the closing of a $7.5 million seed funding round, led by Zetta Venture Partners, to expand the company’s engineering and product teams as well as to continue to advance its products.

“With Guardrails AI, we see not just a company but a movement towards securing AI’s future in enterprise. Their commitment to open source and collaborative innovation in AI risk management will ensure that the evolution towards safe and reliable AI applications is accessible to all, not just a select few,” said Apoorva Pandhi, managing partner at Zetta Venture Partners.

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