Growing up Gay in the Age of Google Maps, Grindr and ChatGPT

By neub9
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Technology Shaping My Sense of Direction and Seduction

Ever since I was young, I claimed my family lived at the crossing of Inwood Road and Preston Road in North Dallas. However, I later realized that these two roads were parallel to each other. After moving to a new house, I faced difficulty in navigation and even failed my driver’s license test multiple times.

Furthermore, the theft of our family Garmin GPS at a gas station led to one of the most disorienting experiences of my adolescence. I was always reliant on GPS, which affected my ability to find directions and navigate effectively. My mother believes that my dependency on GPS has limited my sense of navigation.

Additionally, I mentioned that my sense of seduction has also been negatively impacted due to my reliance on dating apps. For instance, I struggle with in-person flirting and feel more comfortable interacting with potential partners online. This has led to a lack of confidence in traditional social settings.

Whether it’s using GPS for directions or relying on dating apps for social interactions, I find myself increasingly dependent on technology. This has raised concerns about how future advancements in artificial intelligence and digital platforms might further shape my behavior and cognition.


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