Graylog Introduces Free API Security Tool, Expands Access to Discovery and Threat Monitoring

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Graylog is revolutionizing API security with the release of Graylog API Security, a free version designed to provide enterprise-level protection against the increasing threat of API-related attacks.

By using Graylog API Security, organizations can identify, classify, and detect potential threats from within the perimeter, complementing existing Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and API gateways.

This solution captures all API request and response details, immediately distinguishing valid traffic from malicious actions, such as data exfiltration hidden within valid response codes.

According to Graylog CEO Andy Grolnick, “With cyber criminals increasingly leveraging the vulnerable API attack surface for nefarious activities, it is important to have the right capabilities for continuous detection and response around API-specific attacks.”

“Graylog’s intelligent API Security solutions are designed to detect and respond to elusive threats not covered elsewhere, making our digital world safer.”

The free edition of Graylog API Security offers features such as API discovery, risk scoring, full-fidelity capture, real-time threat intelligence, and guided remediation, making advanced API security capabilities accessible to a broader audience.

This cloud-native architecture is available for self-managed private cloud or on-prem implementations, eliminating concerns over sending PII to a third-party vendor. The free edition includes all features of the paid version but is limited to 16GB of local rolling storage on a single node with a one-year renewable license.

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