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TrueView 540: A New, Efficient LiDAR Innovation Unveiled Through Collaboration Between GeoCue and CHC Navigation

GeoCue and CHC Navigation have come together to introduce TrueView 540, a cutting-edge LiDAR system offering a unique partnership of the LiDAR payload with LP360 3D Point Cloud Processing Software. This innovative collaboration brings a highly efficient and flexible survey-grade LiDAR solution to North America.

The TrueView 540 is an advanced aerial surveying system developed by CHC Navigation, now available through GeoCue. This next-generation LiDAR system integrates high-precision LiDAR, precise positioning and orientation, and a full-frame industrial camera to enable fast and accurate 3D data acquisition. It is compact, lightweight, and compatible with popular drones like the DJI Matrice 350 and other compatible UAVs.

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