FocalPoint has a software-based approach to repairing flaws of GPS

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GPS has become a widely used feature in various devices including phones, smart watches, and cars. However, it has several shortcomings, such as being slow, inaccurate, and contributing to faster battery drain. In addition, GPS can be manipulated or exploited in unintended and alarming ways.

Start-up FocalPoint is addressing these issues by developing software to improve GPS operations, accuracy, and security. The company has secured £15 million ($17 million) in funding, with a total of £23 million ($26 million) expected for its Series C round. FocalPoint’s technology works with 4G and will soon extend to 5G and Wi-Fi, offering enhanced location accuracy for various applications.

Based in Cambridge, this spinout from Cambridge University is backed by investors including Molten Ventures and Gresham House, as well as a major U.S. automotive brand. The company recently appointed GPS industry veteran Scott Pomerantz as CEO, adding to its credibility in the market.

As smartphone giant Apple introduces new Apple Watch models with improved GPS, it’s evident that there is a growing emphasis on enhancing location services in the industry. FocalPoint’s software-based approach aims to upgrade existing GPS hardware without the need for extensive changes, aligning with the increasing demand for more accurate and efficient GPS solutions.

FocalPoint’s technology focuses on understanding satellite signals to enhance location accuracy and prevent signal spoofing. By optimizing the less battery-intensive signal, the company is offering a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require expensive hardware upgrades.

Partnerships with industry leaders like Google for testing its technology further strengthen FocalPoint’s position in the market. The company’s success in addressing the limitations of current GPS technologies has garnered support from investors, indicating significant potential for its revolutionary approach.

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