European Commission to Establish AI Office

By neub9
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On January 24, 2024, the European Commission made an announcement regarding the establishment of the European AI Office. The Commission Decision, which has been published, outlines the creation of the AI Office within the administrative structure of the Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology. This office will be subject to its annual management plan and is not intended to interfere with the authority of national competent bodies and EU agencies in the supervision of AI systems as provided for by the forthcoming AI Act.

  • Performing tasks outlined in Article 3 of the AI Act.
  • Supporting the development, implementation, and use of trustworthy AI systems and applications that provide societal and economic benefits and contribute to the competitiveness and economic growth of the EU.
  • Monitoring the advancement of AI markets and technologies.
  • Developing tools, methodologies, and benchmarks for evaluating the capabilities of general-purpose AI models, particularly very large models with systemic risks.
  • Monitoring the emergence of unforeseen risks from general-purpose AI models, including responding to alerts from the scientific panel.
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