E-Crime Rapper ‘Punchmade Dev’ Debuts Card Shop – Krebs on Security

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The rapper and social media personality Punchmade Dev has gained notoriety for his flashy music videos and social media posts that glorify a cybercrime lifestyle. With popular tracks like “Internet Swiping” and “Million Dollar Criminal,” Punchmade has built a large following and used his platform to sell tutorials on committing financial crimes online.

For a while, it was unclear whether Punchmade was actually involved in the cybercrimes he promotes in his music. However, images from Punchmade Dev’s Twitter/X account show him flaunting bags of cash and using a diamond-crusted payment card skimmer.

Punchmade’s most controversial song, “Wire Fraud Tutorial,” was removed from YouTube last summer for violating the site’s rules. Punchmade claimed that the video was intended to educate his fans about avoiding wire fraud, but the lyrics tell a different story. The song’s lyrics appear to be a step-by-step guide on committing wire fraud.

Despite skepticism, Punchmade’s credibility was recently called into question when his various video and social media accounts began promoting a web shop selling stolen payment cards and identity data, as well as hacked financial accounts and counterfeit check software.

Punchmade Dev’s Instagram account directs fans to Punchmadedev’s other profiles and websites, including mainpage[.]me/punchmade and the @whopunchmade Telegram channel, which links to a shop selling hacked bank accounts and payment cards with high balances.

The rapper’s public persona is bolstered by ostentatious, diamond-covered necklaces that feature elements related to the University of Kentucky and Lexington, Ky. His Spotify profile describes him as a multi-talented artist, producer, director, and entrepreneur. A search on the Kentucky Secretary of State website reveals that Punchmade LLC is the assumed name of OBN Group LLC, with Devon Turner as the president.

A video from @brainjuiceofficial, a YouTube channel that covers social media celebrities, provides a profile of Devon Turner, a.k.a. “Punchmade Dev.” According to the video, Turner previously streamed NBA 2K17 videos on a YouTube channel called DevTakeFlight, using the nickname OBN Dev.

Despite his online success, Turner’s past includes incidents of violence and robbery, and @Brainjuiceofficial warns that his risky behavior could have serious consequences.

Ultimately, Punchmade Dev’s persona is controversial and his recent business ventures have brought his ethics into question. His association with illegal activities has led to scrutiny and warns fans of the potential risks involved in supporting him.

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