Databricks adds new migration Brickbuilder Solutions to help customers succeed with AI

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Over the past two years, Databricks has been working hand-in-hand with top consulting partners to develop ground-breaking solutions for industry, migration, and data and AI use cases. Drawing on a solid foundation of successful customer implementations, Databricks Brickbuilder Solutions and Accelerators combine our partners’ expertise and insights to help companies unleash the full potential of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, driving productivity and extracting value from data.

To date, Databricks has introduced 60 partner solutions covering a wide array of areas such as legacy system migrations, demand forecasting, customer 360, risk management, and product performance. Read on to discover our latest migration Brickbuilder Solutions and learn how Databricks partners are guiding businesses through a phased approach for their end-to-end migration process to the lakehouse architecture. The outcome is lower risk, faster value realization, and increased ROI. Get more details on our new partner migration solutions by clicking the links below.

Brickbuilder Soutions are end-to-end lakehouse solutions and services for cloud migrations and common industry use cases.
Fig. 1: Brickbuilder Soutions are end-to-end lakehouse solutions and services for cloud migrations and common industry use cases.

New Migration Brickbuilder Solutions

Blueprint Accelerated Data Migration

Blueprint offers methodologies and pre-built accelerators to facilitate the migration from EDW, Hadoop and SQL Server to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Cloud-agnostic, the Blueprint Accelerated Data Migration framework discovers, designs and modernizes your lakehouse to ensure high impact and to prove value quickly. From there, the framework iterates, matures and scales to meet your needs—delivering ROI within your cloud environment that is optimized for agility, adaptability, and performance.

Blueprint's Accelerated Data Migration framework
Fig. 2: With Blueprint’s Accelerated Data Migration framework, you can automate migration by 80%, and achieve rapid and unprecedented time to value.

Cognizant Cloud Data Migration Factory

Organizations often grapple with migrating large sets of applications and databases to cloud platforms. The Cloud Migration Factory technology by Cognizant is an end-to-end solution that migrates legacy technology to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform on the cloud, generating data models and scripts using AI/ML and offering impact analysis and self-correction based on the target platform to expedite modernization and achieve faster completion, reduced cost of implementation, higher accuracy, and productivity enhancements.

See more Brickbuilder Solutions

Databricks is continuously working alongside regional and international consulting partners to support a broader range of use cases across major industries and migrations. Explore our complete range of partner migrations solutions on the Databricks Brickbuilder Solutions page.

Create a Brickbuilder for the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform

Brickbuilder Solutions and Accelerators form an integral part of the Databricks Partner Program, acknowledging partners that demonstrate the unique ability to offer differentiated lakehouse industry and migration solutions along with their knowledge and expertise. Partners interested in learning more about creating a Brickbuilder Solution or Accelerator can reach out to us at

*We have collaborated with consulting and system integrator (C&SI) partners to develop industry and migration solutions to address data engineering, data science, machine learning and business analytics use cases.

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