Confluent Launches Migration Accelerator for Eased Transition from Legacy Data Streaming Platforms

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Confluent, Inc, the data streaming pioneer, has unveiled the Confluent Migration Accelerator. This program is specifically designed to assist organizations in transitioning from traditional data streaming infrastructures, such as Apache Kafka. Developed in collaboration with the Confluent partner ecosystem, the Confluent Migration Accelerator aims to help enterprises efficiently and cost-effectively produce real-time applications for their customers.

The demand for real-time applications has had a significant impact across industries and business operations. While many organizations turn to Apache Kafka to meet this demand, building on Kafka alone can be challenging and time-consuming. This is why Paul Mac Farland, VP of partner and innovation ecosystem at Confluent, emphasizes the need for a solution like the Confluent Migration Accelerator.

Kafka is unable to provide various advanced capabilities required for real-time apps, including elastic scalability, failover processes, cluster sizing, and more. This is where the Migration Accelerator comes in, offering a seamless transition from Kafka and other traditional streaming infrastructures to Confluent Cloud.

Confluent Cloud, a cloud-native and complete data streaming platform, has been recognized as a leader by Forrester. It delivers improved performance and lower latency compared to Kafka, along with features such as multi-tenancy, elasticity, and data balancing. The platform can run anywhere, in any combination of on-prem, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments.

The Migration Accelerator provides support from Confluent and its diverse network of partners, enabling organizations to migrate to Confluent Cloud with ease. Additionally, the program offers technical team support, expert data streaming assistance, and significant cost savings in comparison to traditional data streaming platforms.

Mac Farland emphasizes the pressure on organizations to turn their fragmented data into a competitive advantage, citing that 72% of IT leaders are using data streaming to solve data challenges. Through the Migration Accelerator, developers will no longer have to manage Kafka or maintain platform performance, giving them more flexibility and time to work on projects they are passionate about.

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