CockroachDB’s Latest Enhancements Focus on Resilience

By neub9
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Cockroach Labs is announcing the release of the latest version of CockroachDB, a database platform that comes with new features and tools such as a live database migration service, enhanced disaster recovery, and improved performance through smarter data distribution.

CockroachDB 23.2 also includes simplified migrations with read committed isolation, physical replication for fast recovery from cloud failures, and added support for Stored Procedures/UDFs.

The company emphasizes that different applications and business requirements demand different migration strategies, and not all teams have the expertise or resources to build the necessary tooling to handle database transitions. As a solution, CockroachDB 23.2 offers a full suite of migration tooling called MOLT (Migrating Off Legacy Technologies), which aims to de-risk, execute, and validate migrations to make database transitions as smooth as possible.

One component of MOLT is the Live Migration Service, a horizontally scalable proxy that helps configure, test, and validate migrations before going live.

The new release of CockroachDB also rebuilds stored procedures to be more powerful and adds support for user-defined functions (UDFs), as well as preview support for read committed isolation. Additionally, the release includes improved load balancing, faster recovery from failures, and new security features.

Overall, CockroachDB 23.2 makes it easier for companies to migrate from legacy databases, ensuring that their mission-critical workloads are safe and fully supported. For more information about these updates, visit

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