Big Tech is Likely to Set AI Policy in the U.S. We Can’t Let That Happen

By neub9
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Innovation is crucial for success in the technology industry, especially in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). As nations around the world race to lead in AI development, the United States has issued an Executive Order on AI policy that could potentially stifle innovation, especially for smaller and mid-size companies.

The 110-page Executive Order seeks to establish policy that ensures AI is safe, secure, promotes responsible innovation and supports American workers. While these goals are important, the process for developing policy outlined in the Order heavily relies on reports from government officials and leading tech companies, potentially excluding innovative ideas from smaller firms.

It is vital for the government to include a wider range of experts in the development of AI policy, including representatives from smaller and mid-sized tech companies. These companies are often the true engines of AI innovation, as seen with countless technologies developed by smaller companies and later acquired by tech giants.

Excluding these companies from policy recommendations could hinder innovation, reinforce the leadership roles of industry giants, and lead to policies that overlook crucial areas of research. By ensuring the inclusion of voices from smaller companies, the government can promote real competition and innovation in the AI space.

Dr. Anna Becker, the CEO and co-founder of, is a leading expert in AI and machine learning. Her expertise in the industry highlights the importance of including a diverse range of voices in AI policy development to foster innovation and competition.

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