bhousel’s Diary | Rapid v2.3 released today!

By neub9
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Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the release of Rapid v2.3 editor for OpenStreetMap. The Rapid team has been hard at work on this update for the past few months, and we are excited to share 4 new features that we believe you will love.

🔙 Esri Wayback Imagery

Explore the changes over time with the new background layer called “Esri Wayback,” allowing you to view historical releases of Esri World Imagery. The date picker feature helps you select dates to show changes in the map view. Give it a try by opening the Background pane!

Esri Wayback

🔄 Map Rotation

Rotate the map in Rapid for an easier editing experience and to avoid straining your neck. You can rotate the map by using option+click-drag or shift+←/→ arrows, similar to other mapping tools. A bearing control with a north arrow is provided for resetting the map orientation back to North-up.

Map Rotation control

✅ MapRoulette Integration

Complete MapRoulette tasks seamlessly within Rapid. View and filter active tasks in the map view, select a task, and choose from options like “I fixed it!”, “Can’t Complete”, “Already Fixed”, and “Not an Issue”. Your changeset will automatically include a description of the MapRoulette tasks you have completed.


🎨 GeoScribbles

GeoScribble is a new service that enables mappers to take field notes with the EveryDoorOSM mobile app. Your notes and sketches will be accessible in Rapid when you return to your computer.


We have exciting plans ahead and look forward to hearing how the community is utilizing Rapid for more efficient mapping.

  • ☝️ Make Rapid your OSM editor by bookmarking and using it as your daily mapping tool of choice.
  • ✌️ Want to help us improve Rapid? Follow us on Github at or connect with us on social media or OpenStreetMap community channels. We value your feedback!

Happy Mapping 👍

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