Beyond Monitoring: Introducing Cloudera Observability

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Title: Introducing Cloudera Observability: Revolutionizing Monitoring and Optimization for CDP Customers

In today’s dynamic software ecosystems, the shift from monolithic applications to distributed, service-oriented architectures has led to increased costs and wasted resources. As a result, there has been a growing interest in observability as a solution to answer the crucial “why” question that traditional monitoring cannot address. According to Gartner, applied observability is one of the top strategic technology trends for 2023, emphasizing its impact on business success.

This is where Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) comes in. With its deployment across private and public clouds, monitoring everything within such a complex ecosystem is a significant challenge, impacting areas such as resource utilization, performance, and financial governance.

Enter Cloudera Observability, the single pane of glass observability solution now available to CDP customers. This solution provides insights and recommendations to address issues, optimize costs, and improve performance through advanced, intelligent analytics and correlations.

Cloudera Observability offers a range of capabilities, including system monitoring, service health monitoring, workload optimization, financial governance, and self-service analytics. With this insight, organizations can effectively manage their resources and gain full visibility into their cloud spending.

Furthermore, Cloudera Observability Premium includes expedited support, providing key troubleshooting support to keep workloads healthy and resolve issues faster. By streamlining the exchange of data between deployments and support, it saves time and enables customers to get back to creating value and insight from their data.

With Cloudera Observability, customers benefit from improved platform performance, better adherence to SLAs and SLOs, financial transparency, cost control and optimization, and an enhanced Cloudera support experience.

In summary, Cloudera Observability is available in essential and premium tiers, offering rich insights and root cause analysis, as well as deep self-service insight, financial governance, and optimization capabilities. To learn more, watch our short video or register for our upcoming Cloudera Now event on June 14. Contact a member of your Cloudera account team to get started.

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