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#OSMPHarin2024 - mappy is a happy word!

Credit: Photos from UPRI Youthmappers

We had an amazing time at last Saturday’s OpenStreetMap Philippines’ 2024 Year-Starter mapping party #OSMPHarin2024! It was so much fun and made us really excited to map!

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and spent time mapping with us!

To start things off, our fantastic host (Jikka) had us introduce ourselves and share our aspirations for 2024. Since some participants were new/beginner to OSM, the aspirations could be personal and/or OSM-related.

Our aspirations ranged from learning new skills, graduating, living a healthier lifestyle, to growing the community and being more involved in OSM. We hope to look back at this and see the progress we’ve made by the end of the year!

OSM field mapping and mobile tools

It was amazing to see young leaders as our trainers! Leaders/members of UP Resilience Institute YouthMappers (Markel, Erika, Leo and Youthmother Feye) trained us in OSM and field mapping tools such as Organic map, Everydoor and Mapillary.

After the training, we went outside to do the most fun part = MAPPING!

We split into 2 groups:
1. team trees using Everydoor; and
2. team imagery capture using Mapillary.

Of course, the amazing UPRI YM trainers guided us throughout!

Our Impact

  • Twenty-four (24) people (half of them are new to and beginner in #OpenStreetMap) gathered together to add open data in OpenStreetMap that can be used for societal and community development!

  • More than 20 trees in the UP Garden of Native Trees were added using EveryDoor and new street-level imagery for Magsaysay Ave. and Laurel Ave. were uploaded in Mapillary!

  • We had representation from student orgs, advocacy groups, government, and private sectors!


Credit: Mobile phone screenshot from Feye


About 10 years ago, the first Geoladies PH meetup convened by tito Maning showed an average of 1 woman mapper/participant in OSM PH events/meetups and challenged the OSM community to change the ratio.

Last Saturday, we changed the ratio! 12 women/LGBTQI++ participated (50:50 ratio)❤️‍🔥

We are thrilled to witness the growth and diversity of OpenStreetMap Philippines! Thank you community for the inspiration ❤️‍🔥#CommunityPower #CommunityPowered #PeoplePowered

Geoladies photo from UPRI YM

Credit: Photos from UPRI Youthmappers

Synthesis and post-field mapping

After the field mapping, we returned to the training room to share our experience and what we learned. We even had a little friendly competition to see who mapped the most in order to win a RapiD shirt from Meta! Then, to refuel, we indulged in a well-deserved lunch.

It was great to see my sibling (see first image, in the blue muscle shirt) join and learn how to map. They never knew that mapping could be connected to their field of study and it was fulfilling to see their growth and engagement with it.

Ultimately, as Erika declared, OSM PH community wins because we added open data in the PH and also we build connections and relationships!

After our mapping and lunch, some of us even went to a cafe for a chatty chat 😉

Post mapping party

See you again soon? 🙂

We are excited to support upcoming community events or meetups, so please reach out to us!

See you at the next event! #OpenDataDay in March, anyone?

PS #OpenDataDay2024 #ODD2024 Mini-Grants Program now open for application! Deadline: 5 February


  • Thank you UP Resilience Institute (UPRI) for our venue!
  • Thank you UPRI YouthMappers for being our resource speakers!
  • Thank you Mazame Michelle Tamura Michelle Tamura for sponsoring our lunch!
  • Thank you Ms. Monica for being our tech person!
  • Thank you Ms. Jikka for being our hostess!
  • Thank you Mr. MAP (Aimon) for the fun games; thank you CJ, Leo and Den for being our alay for the charades!
  • Thank you Ms. Jikka and Ms. Leigh L. for our amazing comms!
  • Thank you Ms. Feye for ensuring our venue and logistics!
  • Thank you to all participants who joined from QC, Baguio, CDO and everywhere!

Share your community’s first (or planned) mapathon/mapping party/meetup for the new year in the community forum thread! 🧵 🗺️ ❤️‍🔥 💫⬇️

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