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Today, I want to celebrate the incredible leader, mentor, and friend, Angela Teyvi.

Thank you Angela!

As National Mentorship Month (January) comes to a close, the HOT Community Working Group Mentorship Program Team would like to honor our mentor and team lead, Angela Norvi Teyvi. Her passion has ignited ideas and brought them to life through the Mentorship Program.


The HOT Community Working Group initiated a Mentorship Program to provide peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange in the humanitarian and open mapping space. We drew inspiration from other mapping communities’ mentorship programs, particularly the Women+ in Geospatial (W+G) Mentorship Programme.

The Program was inspired by Angela during the Community Working Group Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session in March 2022, where she was the guest speaker. Angela shared how mentorship played a major role in her career development and capability in humanitarian open mapping. You can watch the recording here.

From there, the pilot program was initiated in 2022 and another one in 2023.

Angela’s leadership and contribution through the HOT CommunityWG Mentorship Initiative

Angela, a mentor, leader, OSMF Moderator, and committed HOT voting member and CommunityWG volunteer from Ghana, is the driving force of the Community WG Mentorship Team.

From 2022-2023, she led the team, designed the program, and ensured an inclusive space for the team, mentors, and mentees.

Angela led in connecting and engaging 99 people across the globe to learn, share, and contribute back to their communities. As of writing, sixteen (16) legacy projects have been produced and documented. You can check them in the OSM Wiki here.

Angela is now passing the baton

Angela is passing the baton for the next Mentorship Team Lead in 2023. The 2023 Mentorship Program is currently being prepared, and we are looking for contributors who can support its organization (find out more here).

I am honored to have worked and met with such an incredible person. You have inspired me (and a lot of people in the humanitarian open mapping movement) more than you will ever know. Love and respect. Thank you, and we wish you success and happiness in your new journey ahead 🚀❣️💫

Photo with Angela during Pista Ng Mapa x State of the Map Asia 2022 at Albay, Philippines

Credits: First photo designed by Benedicta 🙂

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