6 tech life hacks that make your day-to-day routine easier

By neub9
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Here are some easy tech life hacks to help you avoid minor tech annoyances that can cause stress and wasted time. These tips will help you stay organized, save time, and make your daily life easier.

1. Stop missing important emails:
Turn on alerts for specific email addresses so you don’t miss messages from important contacts. For example, in Gmail, go to Menu > Settings > Email notifications > Select “High priority only.”

2. Stop forgetting what you need at the store:
Use the Reminders app on your iPhone or Android to create a shopping list with location-based reminders. This way, your phone will remind you to pick up items when you walk into the store.

3. No more fumbling with the light switch:
Set up smart light bulbs or plugs with an Amazon Echo device to have your lamps turn on by setting up a schedule or your location when you’re close to arriving home.

4. Stop squinting at the phone screen:
Increase the text size on your iPhone or Android device for easier reading. On iPhone, go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size, and on Android, go to Settings > Accessibility > Text and display > Font size.

5. Know precisely where you parked your car:
Use Google Maps to save your parking location and easily find your car when you’re ready to leave the parking lot.

6. Have all your essential documents on hand:
Use the Notes app on your iPhone to scan and store important documents. On Android, use a third-party app like Adobe Scan to do the same.

Bonus: Protect yourself from malware:
Protect your devices with TotalAV Internet Security, which offers industry-leading protection against cyber threats. Get an annual plan for only $19 at ProtectWithKim.com.

By implementing these tech life hacks, you can avoid tech frustrations and make your daily life more efficient and stress-free.

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