19 World Maps In The Style of Famous Artists – Brilliant Maps

By neub9
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The 19 maps below were all created by AI image tool Midjourney

I asked it to create a world map in the style of each artist and here’s what it came up with:

  1. Gustav Klimt
  2. Banksy
  3. Jackson Pollock
  4. Hokusai
  5. Amedeo Modigliani
  6. Keith Haring
  7. Willem de Kooning
  8. Roy Lichtenstein
  9. Leonardo da Vinci
  10. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  11. Claude Monet
  12. Andy Warhol
  13. Francis Bacon
  14. Jasper Johns
  15. Mark Rothko
  16. Paul Cézanne
  17. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  18. Paul Gauguin
  19. Vincent van Gogh

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