Why We Must Democratize Cybersecurity

By neub9
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With data breaches being reported almost weekly, cybersecurity challenges are now more visible to a wider audience, including small to medium businesses and the public. While this has increased awareness among smaller businesses about the need to upgrade their security measures, they often struggle to find affordable and user-friendly security tools. NTT Security (NTTSH) is addressing this gap by leveraging their 20 years of experience in threat intelligence research and product development to provide protection to SMBs.

NTTSH’s Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) is at the core of their efforts, combining threat research with NTTSH’s proprietary detective technology to produce applied threat intelligence. The GTIC collaborates with key players in the cybersecurity space and its annual Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) provides actionable insights into the evolving threat landscape.

The report’s Q3 update for 2023 focuses on key industry verticals, highlighting sector-specific threats. For example, the healthcare sector is particularly vulnerable due to the high value of the data it holds, leading to targeted ransomware breaches. Similarly, the telecommunications and education sectors face significant threats, with NTTSH tracking the activities of various ransomware actors.

In addition to tracking specific threats, NTTSH has shifted its focus to the challenges presented by the increasing adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the transition to hybrid IT environments by SMBs. To address these challenges, NTTSH has developed Samurai XDR, a cloud-hosted application that provides a unified interface for managing alerting, investigations, and response to threats. This solution makes advanced threat intelligence more accessible and actionable for organizations lacking dedicated security operations resources.

Samurai XDR emphasizes ease of use and accessibility for IT staff, offering a simple alerts dashboard and intuitive investigation interface. It also features a data lake that retains historical data for up to one year, enabling detailed analysis and threat hunting. By focusing on the needs and budgets of SMBs, NTTSH aims to democratize cybersecurity and empower smaller businesses with the protection they need.

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