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The team at Segment has achieved a remarkable milestone with their acquisition by Twilio. Since 2011, when they were accepted into Y Combinator, to reaching unicorn status with a $1.5 billion USD valuation in 2019, and finally being acquired during the pandemic in 2020, Segment’s success showcases their exceptional vision and execution.

When Segment first released their analytics.js, it faced criticism for its similarity to a tag manager. However, the support of the developer community, especially on HackerNews, helped propel Segment as a real-time data federation tool. This success is a testament to the power of the developer community, particularly in the early days.

Although Twilio recently acquired Segment, it is interesting to note that Twilio was not a top destination for Segment, indicating little overlap between their respective customer bases. This acquisition indicates a strategic move by Twilio rather than a means to drive retention or reach their existing customer base.

Twilio’s acquisition of Segment is strategic for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows Twilio to move away from the low-margin API business and expand into the application stack. Additionally, it positions Twilio to enter the marketing use case by creating an end-to-end marketing cloud. This acquisition also provides Twilio with valuable insights into the market and the potential to acquire missing components of the marketing stack.

In light of the acquisition, Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson has demonstrated his ambition to build an iconic business akin to Salesforce. With Twilio’s stock price climbing rapidly in the last 6 months, this acquisition is poised to add significant market capitalization to Twilio.

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