Why Trend-Hopping Can Lead to Brand Failure on Social

By neub9
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Considerations before Hopping on a Social Trend

What should you consider before hopping on a social trend?

There’s an estimated 4.9 billion users on social media right now with most users spread out across 5-6 platforms. It’s no surprise that these social media platforms are requiring us to develop independent strategies for our brand.

What most brands want is to reach as many people as possible right? And one of the ways that they think they can achieve that is through trendy content.

In the world of marketing, it seems as though trendy content is what sells, is what’s important, and is what will make a brand “go viral.” We know, you’re probably tired of hearing that word, but let’s face it, virality is never going away. There’s great benefits to incorporating trendy content in your brand channels, however, there’s a misconception that just hopping into the trend will lead to success for your brand.

With the average attention span at just 8 seconds, it’s easy to assume that being trendy will keep a viewer interested. However, as with anything in life, diving into unfamiliar territory without reading the terrain can lead to catastrophe. You don’t want to end up allocating time and energy into something that you don’t fully understand how to approach and maintain. Before you consider hopping on trends for your brand, there’s a few things to consider.

  1. Will this social trend add value to your brand?

    Brands hopping on trends is, we’re going to say it – lazy. It’s a shortcut, the ultimate one-size-fits-all approach that tries to please everybody that it ends up pleasing nobody. Instead, brands need to do a little bit of self-reflection and introspection themselves. Asking questions like: “Who is this brand for?” “How can this brand make their lives better?” “What tangible benefit can people get from this brand?” sounds basic, but is often a step skipped by brand and content marketers alike.

  2. Can you build upon any attention earned by hopping on this social trend?

    Trends tend to have a shelf-life of 90-days – specifically on TikTok. Pairing evergreen content in your social media strategy is crucial if you want to maintain presence to your audience. Relying on trends to get you vanity numbers will only push your customers further away if you’re not strategic with it.

  3. Are you too heavily relying on this fleeting social trend?

    Trends aren’t all bad. It’s when trends are overused and dominate a brand’s content mix where it falls hollow. It is possible to use trends and have it support and even further brand content. The goal for brands shouldn’t be to capitalize on existing trends, it should be to be the trendsetters. Trend wisely.

  4. Are you ok with NOT being a trendsetter?

    The magic happens when you find the sweet spot between being a Gen Z-run company and the throes of big corporations allowed them to be trendsetters on TikTok.

With these considerations in mind, you can make an informed decision before hopping on any social trend for your brand. Keep in mind that trends are not a guaranteed path to success, but with careful planning, they can be a valuable addition to your social media strategy.

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