Why Data-Driven Businesses Need Clean Sales Data

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Big data has been shown to be beneficial for companies looking to improve efficiency. However, a majority of companies are not using big data effectively, with only 13% delivering on their data strategies.

We have previously discussed the importance of data quality in running a data-driven business. Making data quality a priority is essential when managing a marketing strategy based on previous sales data.

Data analytics holds significant benefits for businesses, but it’s crucial to have the right data to extract the most value from it.

Businesses gather data from a multitude of sources, such as online surveys, social media, customer feedback forms, and third-party apps, which can result in inconsistent, duplicate, or incomplete data. This can have a negative impact on business operations. Cleaning sales data allows you to identify and eliminate these mistakes, ensuring that the information is free from duplicates, inconsistencies, and errors and is organized for easy analysis. Clean sales data offers multiple CRM rewards. Below are five benefits of clean sales data in CRM:

1. Ensures sales and marketing teams work effectively

Unclean sales data can affect your sales and marketing efforts. Dun and Bradstreet explained this issue in their article. Incorrect data can lead to challenges in identifying and engaging the target audience effectively, resulting in misdirected resources and wasted marketing efforts. Clean sales data enables effective customer segmentation and targeted marketing campaigns with high conversion rates.

Clean sales data provides sales representatives with a complete picture of each lead and prospect, leading to more accurate lead-scoring initiatives. Utilizing data cleansing and management services from industry experts such as Pulsion can ensure clean, accurate, and complete data for effective sales and marketing.

2. Business revenue growth

Unclean data can lead to significant business losses. Keeping sales data clean can help reduce the impact of inadequate, incorrect, and incomplete data on your business finances.

Clean sales data supports improved customer segmentation and more efficient customer targeting, resulting in higher customer response rates and engagement. Prioritizing clean sales data can help generate higher ROI and improve the quality of sales and business connections.

3. Better customer insight

Clean sales data can provide better customer insights, supporting the ability to build a positive customer experience. It enables enhanced sales strategies, customer service, and marketing messaging, making it easier to connect with the target market.

Better customer insights lead to marketing campaigns with accurate data, making it easier to connect with the target market. Ensuring top-notch customer data quality is crucial to extract optimal value from client analytics and insights.

4. Improved overall decision-making

Unclean sales data can result in inaccurate customer analysis and insights, leading to misinformed business decisions. Clean sales data helps ensure that business choices rely on accurate data, leading to better decision-making.

5. Reduced costs

Unclean sales data can lead to increased business costs, wasted marketing efforts, and negative impacts on the bottom line. Clean CRM data ensures that expenses associated with marketing efforts are not wasted, saving money.


Clean CRM data comes with multiple invaluable rewards. Familiarizing yourself with the benefits of clean sales data in CRM can help you determine how worthwhile data cleansing is.

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