What is Devops Today?

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Over the years, DevOps has evolved to encompass a wide array of activities, from deploying code to virtual machines to provisioning infrastructure in the cloud. It has revolutionized traditional IT practices, saving time, reducing errors, and increasing consistency and quality.


Modern organizations typically implement DevOps through Continuous Integration (CI) or “Pipelines.” This involves multiple people making changes to the same system and integrating their changes frequently, resulting in a shared code repository and a deployment pipeline for automated integration, testing, and deployment.

Test Automation

Test automation, particularly using Continuous Deployment (CD), adds significant value to the CI/CD pipeline. It includes unit tests in the CI pipeline and integration and end-to-end UI tests in the CD pipeline, ensuring the system’s consistent performance and saving time and resources.

  ​Gone are the days of manual provisioning and long wait times for code deployment. DevOps has transformed this process through automation and efficiency.

The Environment Problem

Multiple environments in distributed systems can be effectively managed with DevOps, deploying the same package across different environments with varying configurations. Feature Flags/Toggles allow for easy feature management across environments.

Infrastructure As Code (Iac)

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has become a key DevOps technique, automating the provisioning and configuration of resources in minutes, whether in the cloud or on-premise, saving time and effort in resource deployment.

Security In Devops

DevSecOps integrates security best practices throughout the DevOps lifecycle, ensuring consistent security measures in both code and infrastructure, ultimately saving time and ensuring a secure software deployment process.

Get started with DevOps and experience the time and cost-saving benefits, as well as the security enhancements it brings to software development and deployment.


David Robertson, a seasoned professional in DevOps, has been at the forefront of implementing test automation and infrastructure provisioning, leading teams and influencing developers and engineers to adopt better practices. His expertise has significantly contributed to the advancement of DevOps in various organizations.

In his free time, David enjoys playing the guitar and pursuing interests in solar and wind energy systems. He also aspires to embark on hiking adventures in the near future.

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